19 Dec, 2017

7 tips for a happy 2018

19 Dec, 2017

We’re slowly finishing off 2017 and forging plans for the year ahead, building up our hopes for what’s to come. This is simple for kids: they write their wishes down on paper, and one of the heroes of the season’s holidays makes those wishes come true. My kids even draw a picture of the toys they want or paste one from the internet, just to make sure Santa doesn’t get things mixed up. What about you? What are you dreaming about? What makes you happy?


Even if you don’t write letters to Santa anymore and your New Year’s wishes are less material in nature than they are dedicated to those things that money can’t buy, there is still good news: most such wishes you can make come true by your very self.


7 Tips for a Happy 2018


  1. Fall in love with life.

You are not just your job, so don’t spend every day at work. Instead, rather agree to normal deadlines that let you fulfill your obligations without rushing. This will give you more time for what you love doing: kickstart your passion and start enjoying life.


  1. Start living your values

If family is the most important thing for you, but you have less and less time for your loved ones, well then it’s time to make a change. Ask yourself what you are devoting your time to and what activities are taking that time away from you. Limit the things that aren’t necessary, or simply leave them for someone else and make time for what makes you happy.


  1. Stop satisfying other people’s expectations

Listen to your heart and set new goals for yourself. Don’t get left behind and don’t hide your accomplishments: understand your talents and be aware of your competencies. Stand up for yourself when you have to and learn to say “NO!”.


  1. Get rid of the limits in your own mind

Am I good enough? What are people going to say? What if I fail? Say “adios” to this type of questioning, which leaves you stuck in your tracks – it’s all in your head. The good news is that you can get rid of it whenever you want. Realize that no one is perfect and that mistakes are just lessons that move us closer to the goal.


  1. Take care of your health and well being

Make time for yourself every day. Treat yourself to a drink with a friend, an hour of yoga, a walk in the woods, or simply a run outside. Either by yourself or with company – however you like. Spend as much time as possible outside – nature lowers your stress levels. Since you’ll be more relaxed, you’ll find you’re also more creative. Make sure to eat a balanced diet, but the occasional cheat for your sweet tooth is of course allowed – even recommended 😉


  1. Share the good

Show your sympathetic side. Smile at a stranger on the street. Support your friend, help your neighbor, or give to that homeless guy you pass walking down the street. Join charity efforts – support the Unicef, Ana’s little star, Red Cross or some other organization that speaks to your heart. Share the good and it will come back to you.

  1. Live a happy and fulfilling life

Stop chasing the weekends. Don’t get caught up with material things – success is not the secret to happiness, on the contrary, happiness is the key to success.  This is why you shouldn’t take on too many obligations or set your goals too high. Be thankful for everything that you are and everything that you have.


But be careful: don’t set too many goals and don’t be so demanding of yourself.


If you’re ever stuck about how to move forward, ask yourself something very simple: will my next step, decision, or line of thinking lead me closer to my goal?  If the answer is YES, then keep on marching! If the answer is NO, it’s time to place your attention elsewhere.


It’s true, each of us is the master of our fate and architect of our life. It’s up to us whether we seek opportunities in this life, or if we just see obstacles at every step. Believe me: even obstacles can be turned into opportunities – we just need to change our perspective.


So stop chasing weekends, don’t wait for the right moment, for your boss, for a magic wand, or even for Santa Claus… only you can change your life. This life is yours and you’ve got to life it your way. May your 2018 be joyous, beautiful, and full of fortune!


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