MAJA GOLOB - mother, wife, businesswoman, coach, friend

Mother and wife. Entrepreneur. Marketing Executive. Business coach. Work-life balance advocate. Author. Speaker. In love with life.

I believe that sharing is caring. For 27 years, now, I’ve been sharing the lessons I’ve learned in life with my team, clients – companies of various sizes and their employees, readers of my book and blog, and the college students. I share these lessons to help others maximize their potentials and grow, both personally and professionally.


I’ve always been very creative, enjoying activities that let me express myself.

Professionally, my creative wings started growing in 1992, when I joined a startup company and in ten years helped build it into the largest direct marketing network in Europe. In the meantime, I finished my studies at the Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana. At the age of 30, I resigned from my cozy position in the corporate world to start my own business. Everybody told me I was crazy. But I believed that I could use my know-how and international experience to help companies build more valuable relationships with their customers.

Starting from scratch wasn’t easy. We worked long and hard, and soon, the region’s most reputable companies were knocking on our door. I was trapped between long working hours and spending time with my family while juggling projects and struggling to maintain a work-life balance. I wasn’t good at it.

For me, reaching burnout felt like the biggest failure of my life. The truth is, though, burning out ended up being the greatest gift ever. I’m grateful for that experience, as it made me realize what really matters in life; it inspired me to turn my life upside down and create the life I love.


Whenever I mentioned my burnout to someone, inevitably the person I was talking to had had their own similar experience, one they had never mentioned before. I do wish they hadn’t kept it silent! I was angry: if they had talked about it before, maybe it wouldn’t have happened to me!

That’s why I decided to speak up and share my story. To help every woman, who is quietly struggling with balancing her professional ambition and duties as a mother, while catering to everyone else’s needs as well (and forgetting about her own). I want to help these women put themselves at the top of their priority list, find the right work-life balance, and start living richer, more meaningful lives.

Since the book was published, it has inspired thousands of women. In my country, two editions have been sold out, and the third is on the way. This has given me clear feedback that I need to continue pursuing my mission.


It is my personal mission to inspire and empower others, especially women in business and female entrepreneurs, to create for themselves a healthy and effective work-life balance, and to take action to live the life they’ve always dreamt of.

The ‘Stop Chasing Weekends’ book was the first step in this direction. It plants a seed in your mind, giving you proof that it is possible to balance a career and a family, while creating a richer, happier life. Unfortunately, there is no magic wand, nor is there any ‘one size fits all’ recipe. It’s completely up to you whether you dismiss the idea that change is possible, or you actually jump right in and take a leap forward from where you are in life today. Because making a change takes much more than just awareness: it takes courage, determination, and plenty of action. From my own experience, I can tell it is never too late for a new beginning!

Are you ready to start living a more fulfilled and happier life?

It’s not important how old you are or what you do for a living. It’s not important where you start. Just take the FIRST step. This is YOUR life and only you can change it. Let this book inspire you to create the life you deserve!