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How to balance a successful career and motherhood? How to find the right work-life balance? How to survive in the fast-paced world and reduce stress?  Find out why this book has touched the hearts of thousands of women!

This is the unfiltered story of a woman, who wanted it all – a career, family, and personal freedom – but lost herself along the way. At the same time it’s also a story of every modern woman and the challenges she faces daily while juggling her multiple roles and countless responsibilities. It’s about the quest to balance professional and private life. It’s a field guide for the woman searching for happiness in all the wrong places until she finds where she least expected it.

This inspirational book is a gift you can give to yourself or someone you care about. It sets you free and makes you realize that happiness is a journey, not a destination.

Chapters include questions for reflection to help you:

  • admit what you really want from life
  • find the right work-life balance
  • bring out the best in you and
  • move from where you are to where you want to be.


The ‘Stop Chasing Weekends’ book plants a seed in your mind, giving you a proof that it is possible to balance a career and a family while creating a richer and happier life. However, there is no magic wand, nor any ‘one size fits all’ recipe.  We ourselves are the creators of our own lives.
To make a change takes courage, determination and plenty of action.
Today is a good day to start!


Put yourself at the top of your priority list!

Find the right work-life balance and win your life back!